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Second Hand and Used Kitchen Equipment for Sale

Worldwide CDM regularly holds a range of used commercial kitchen equipment for sale. At present, this includes a range of second hand dishwashers, toasters and a chicken rotisserie.

If you are looking for a specific second hand commercial kitchen product, please contact us and we will endeavour to assist.

All of our secondhand equipment is fully reconditioned and comes with a 6 months warranty on parts and labour, twice that offered by most competitors (and twice that required by the Department of Fair Trading).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have an interest in any of the products or need further information on anything mentioned below.

Second Hand Commercial Dishwashers For Sale

Hobart Ecomax 502/452 DishwasherHobart Ecomax 502/452 Dishwasher
3 Years Old. Tested. Cleaned. Working.
Free delivery in Sydney.
$1,650 SOLD
Sammic X-45B DishwasherSammic X-45B Dishwasher
3 Years Old. Working.
Free delivery in Sydney.
Norris E17 GlasswasherNorris E17 Glasswasher
Three months warranty.
Free delivery in Sydney Metro area.
Installation: TBA
$750 SOLD


Eswood B42GN Glasswasher.jpgEswood B42GN Glasswasher
Lamber GS350 GlasswasherLamber GS350 Glasswasher
Reconditioned. Six months warranty.
Free delivery in Sydney Metro area.
Installation: TBA
Eswood ES50 Pass Through Dishwasher.jpgEswood ES50 Pass Through Dishwasher
Comes with near new wash and rinse pumps
Free delivery in Sydney.


Second Hand Bains Marie For Sale

Roband BM4 Bain MarieRoband BM4 Bain Marie
Roband C23 Bain Marie Curved GlassRoband C23 Bain Marie Curved Glass


Second Hand Commercial Toasters For Sale

Roband ToastersRoband Toasters
Roband Rack ToasterRoband Rack Toaster


Second Hand Commercial Chicken Rotisserie For Sale

Semak M30 Chicken RotisserieM30 Semak Chicken Rotisserie


Contact us for more information on any of these products.