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Fryer Repairs & Sales

Worldwide CDM specialises in commercial fryer installations, repair, service and sales for the catering industry. With over 20 years experience, services include installation, commissioning, upgrading, warranty work and repairs of commercial fryer equipment. With Worldwide CDM, everything is managed for you from the initial delivery to installation and commissioning - allowing you to focus on your business.

Worldwide CDM also works with grill plates, griddle plates, rotisseries and hot plates among other cooking equipment.

Our policy is only to use the best quality components in all work performed ensuring a longer life for your fryer, grill or rotisserie.

Worldwide CDM deal with all aspects of fryer repair and service including:

  • temperature calibration, testing and control;
  • electric element replacement and installs;
  • control and switch replacement;
  • replace thermostats;
  • rewiring;
  • safety testing.

Popular Fryers, Grills and Toasters Repaired and Sold

Roband Fryers, Grills and Toasters

Roband Fryers: F18 F28 F15 F25 AF822 AF813 AF813R AF812 AF812R

Roband Grill Plates: G400 G700 GT400 GT700 HP1505A HP1505B HP1500A HP1500B

Roband Toasters: TCR10 TCR15 GMX8/10 GMX8/15 GSA8/10 GSA8/15 Cat75S Cat76S

Woodson Fryers, Grills and Toasters

Woodson Fryers: W.FAS80 W.FRS50 W.FRS80 W.FRT50 W.FRT80

Woodson Griddle Toasters: W.GDA50 W.GDA60 W.GDA60HR W.GDT65 W.GDT75W.GDT75HR

Woodson Toaster Grillers: W.GTQI14 W.GTQI15 W.GTQI18 W.GTQ18S.10 W.GTQI18S.15

Woodson Toasters: W.CT6R W.CT8R W.CT6 W.CT8 W.CVT.B.15 W.CVT.B.20 W.CVT.T.10-TT3 W.CVT.T.15-TT3

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