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Chemical Injectors

Did you know that we sell and install chemical injectors for dishwashers? Worldwide CDM stock all different models and sizes to suit your commercial dishwashing machine. We differ from every other chemical company as we do NOT give you a contract.

We sell chemicals at competitive prices but you are free to buy any brand of chemical you wish whenever you require chemicals - no lock-in contracts, no minimum amounts.

Worldwide CDM strongly believe that you shouldn’t be locked into expensive and misleading contracts to big chemical companies. Instead we charge you for the pump and a fair price for the installation.We recommend a number of brands of detergent/chemical pumps including Dema and Germac.

You never have to worry about expensive chemical contracts again as you now own your own chemical pump.

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Dema Chemical Injector
Dema p104l Chemical Pump
Germac Detergent Pump
Germac Detergent Pump